Project Obstacles

UE Blueprints Study

About the project

This project is an perpetually ongoing project in which I try out new mechanics and idea's I come up with.

I also use this project to try and replicate mechanics from games I play.

I use this project to learn about Unreal and any integrations I am interested in.

My role in the project

Everything from creating blueprints, integration and art

What did I learn?

Examples of what i've implemented:

  • Ice Physics
  • Level Banners
  • Ragdolling
  • Several "Traps"
    • Sweeper
    • Flamehrower
    • Swinging Axes
    • Smashers
    • Pitfalls (including breaking the ground underneath the player)
  • Integrating Wwise
  • Creating a dialogue system similar to Animal Crossing
    • "Typewriter" effect inside text balloons
    • Playing audio (using Wwise) based on which letter is currently being said